Better Volume 1.5 Indicator for MT4

The Better Volume 1.5 Indicator is an improved version of the original Better Volume Indicator. It is a indicator that uses volume data to predict future price movements. The indicator is designed to help traders identify potential reversals, breakouts, and continuation patterns.

How to Use the Better Volume 1.5 Indicator

This indicator is designed to show the relationship between volume and price action, which can be helpful in spotting potential reversals or breakouts. Here’s how to use the Better Volume 1.5 indicator:

Better Volume 1.5 Indicator

  1. Look for extremes in volume: When volume is significantly higher or lower than average, it can be an indication that something important is happening in the market. If you see a sharp increase in volume, for example, it could be a sign that a breakout Price Action is about to occur.
  2. Look for price confirmation: The Better Volume 1.5 indicator will sometimes give false signals, so it’s important to verify any potential trade signals with price action. For example, if you see a strong increase in volume but prices are not moving higher, it’s likely that a reversal is about to occur.
  3. Use other indicators: The Better Volume 1.5 indicator works best when used in conjunction with other technical indicators. For example, News Feed Indicator you might look for bullish divergences (when prices are making new lows but the indicator is not) as a potential signal to buy.
  4. Adjust settings: The default settings for the Better Volume 1.5 indicator are not optimal for all markets and timeframes. You may need to experiment with different settings in order to find what works

Buy Sell Better Volume 1.5 Indicator

There are many different indicators that stock traders use to make decisions about when to buy and sell. The Better Volume 1.5 indicator is one option Trendline Breakout Strategy that some traders prefer. Here is a look at the pros and cons of using this particular indicator.

Buy Sell Better Volume 1.5 Indicator


  1. The Better Volume 1.5 indicator can help you spot potential reversals in the market.
  2. It can also help you confirm trends that you may have already identified.
  3. This indicator is relatively easy to interpret, even for beginner traders.


  1. The Better Volume 1.5 indicator is not always 100% accurate, so you should not rely on it alone when making trading decisions.
  2. Like all indicators, it may give false signals Buy Sell Signal from time to time.

Strategies for Managing Volatility with the Better Volume 1.5 Indicator.

Volume candle indicator

Volume candle indicator MT4

The Better Volume 1.5 Indicator is a valuable indicator for stock traders, as it provides them with an accurate and reliable way to measure Renko Box the volume of their trades.

This indicator has been proven to be extremely useful in identifying price trends and can help traders make more informed decisions when trading stocks. Overall, this indicator offers great value to any trader looking for an efficient way to track volume levels in the markets.