Monday , June 14 2021


Trend Pullback factor Alert indicator for MT4

Pullback Indicator

To have this most famous factor indicator which is related to pullback trading to show that how much these are having some kind of trading strategy can see change and increase the price of the Objectives. There are some extra market to trade in such a brilliant way to increase …

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How to Draw Harmonic Patterns on MT4/MT5


Harmonic pattern are a kind of compound pattern that take place clearly in economic graphs build on structual price movement and Fibonacci levels . This harmonic pattern is one of the most dominant pattern and very suitable for trading. These harmonic patterns are very simple and uncomplicated patterns .These¬† methods …

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How to Find Momentum Stocks in 2021?

How to Measure Momentum of a Stock

As we see momentum stocks we are able to check that how this has a long period or how much these take time to fulfill the circle. These require some time and that is based on 1 hour to 24 hours which are best period to uptrend these circle. These …

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Three Drives Pattern Indicator MT4 free

abcd pattern trading

The three drives pattern is a backward and bathetic pattern and it is deliberated to focus on times whenever the market is used up in its presemt movement.The three drives pattern has an upbeat category and a downbeat category. More About the three drives pattern The three drives pattern have …

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Absolute Strength Histogram V2 Indicator MT4 free

Absolute Strength Ascillator MT4

To following this absolute strength histogram indicator topic which is related to MT4 and MT5 trade system. This particular histogram indicator shows that how this is based on identifying trend system which is perfectly suits on technical terms and tools to be called. There are some kind of indicators who …

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Quarter Theory Indicator MT4 (Download free)

Quarters Theory PDF

Today, i would give you the information about quarter theory Indicator For Metatrader 4. We will discuss an introduction of the quarter Theory Indicator For Metatrader 4 and then we would discuss about its essential points which is quite beneficial for all the traders and then we would move on …

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Elder Impulse System V2 For MT4 (Download free)

Forex impulse Signal Indicator MT4

Today, In this article we would discuss about the Elder Impulse system forex indicator for Metatrader 4 which is most commonly utilized.First of all, we will talk about the introduction of the Elder impulse system Indicator than i will give you the information about its trading signals and then we …

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