Super Scalper Indicator V4 For MT4 and MT5

Scalping Indicator Pro MT4

The super scalper indicator is an indicator that is utilized for scalping in the market pattern. It is the most gainful scalping indicator. If you are a learner and don’t realize that what is scalping, we should have a diagram of what scalping is? Scalping is a trading style that …

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Trend Pullback factor Alert indicator for MT4

Pullback Indicator

To have this most famous factor indicator which is related to pullback trading to show that how much these are having some kind of trading strategy can see change and increase the price of the Objectives. There are some extra market to trade in such a brilliant way to increase …

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On Balance Volume (OBV) Indicator for MT4

On Balance Volume indicator Strategy

In this article, we are talking about the idea of an obv indicator. It is a way to mark when something makes sense in a text, such as ‘obviously’ or ‘obv’ which might be more common in style guides than dictionaries. The obv indicator is a simple way to mark …

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Best Spread Indicator For MT4/MT5 (Download Free)

Average Spread Indicator MT4

Spread indicator MT4 is a very useful tool in forex trading. It helps us to find high probability trade opportunities with the help of two simple lines. One line represents buying and another one shows selling pressure. The best way how to use this great kind of technical analysis is …

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OBV Divergence Indicator For MT4 & MT5

OBV Auto Divergence indicator

The OBV Divergence Indicator MT4 is a technical indicator that provides investors with an idea of the average deviation of the market’s daily candles from their fundamental level. The indicator is designed to measure how divergent prices (averages over time) are from each other and can be used Divergence Cheat Sheet …

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Bank Levels Indicator for MT4 & MT5

bank levels indicator mt5

The Bank Level Indicator for MT4 serves as a valuable indicator, which are significant points for potential price reversals in trading. Forex trading Smart Money is the chief interest of the market nowadays. Within the forex market, major financial institutions and market makers strategically execute their trades and place orders. Buy …

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ICT Asian Range Indicator for MT4

Buy Sell Signals ICT ASIAN Range Indicator

The ICT Asian Range Indicator designed to measure and represent market volatility during the Asian trading session. It was developed by a prominent trader and educator, Michael Huddleston, also known as Inner Circle Trader (ICT). The indicator’s main objective is to identify the range within which price movements occur during …

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