Sunday , September 24 2023

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How to Change Chart and Candlestick Colors in MT4

Best MT4 chart color schemes

Today we are write article about how change the chart and candlestick colors in MT4, follow these steps: First, open the MT4 platform and navigate to the “Charts” tab. Right-click on the chart Change Chart and Candlestick Colors you want to modify and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu. Best …

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What is Tick Scalping in Forex?

What is Tick Scalping in Forex?

Tick scalping is a forex trading strategy that involves buying and selling securities based on the price of one underlying security. For example, if you want to buy shares of ABC Corp. (ABC), you would buy 1,000 shares at $10 each. If the price of ABC stock goes up to …

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What is Best Pairs to use in London Session Forex?

London Session forex time

Pairs that perform well during the London session include the US dollar/euro, the Japanese yen/euro, and the British pound/euro. It’s important to remember that these are only a few of the many possible pairs that can be successful during this time period. During the London session, some of the most …

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What is Break of Structure in Forex?

Break of Structure Indicator

When traders talk about “break of structure,” they’re referring to a moment in time when price movement deviates significantly from the Candlestick Patterns? that has been in place for a given period of time. Break of Structure Strategy For instance, if you see prices tending to move between $10 and …

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Weekly Trading Strategy (Backtest With Weekly Charts)

Weekly High Low Forex Price Indicator

The weekly trading strategy is a unique approach that capitalizes on longer-term trends and minimizes the impact of short-term market noise. This article delves into the intricacies of the weekly trading strategy, exploring its benefits, components, and the art of effectively navigating the markets on a weekly timeframe. What is …

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What Is The Success Rate Of Candlestick Patterns?

Cheat sheet candlestick patterns

Candlestick patterns have long captured the fascination of traders, offering insights into market sentiment and potential price movements. However, understanding the success rate of these patterns is crucial for making informed trading decisions. candlestick pattern success rates, shedding light on their reliability, interpretation, and the pragmatic approaches to incorporate them …

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What is the Golden Cross Strategy and is it profitable?

Golden Cross Backtesting

The Golden Cross holds a significant place in the realm of trading as a potent indicator. It occurs when the short-term moving average, typically the 50-day SMA crosses above the long-term moving average, often the 200-day SMA. This event signifies a potential shift from bearish sentiment to bullish momentum, indicating …

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How to Hedge With Multiple Currencies

forex hedging strategy guaranteed profit

In today’s Hedge With Multiple Currencies in Forex globalized economy, businesses and individuals alike are constantly exposed to foreign exchange risks. But fear not, as we have the ultimate guide that will empower you with an invaluable skill: hedging with multiple currencies. Forex Hedging Strategy PDF Whether you’re a seasoned …

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