ICT Asian Range Indicator for MT4

The ICT Asian Range Indicator designed to measure and represent market volatility during the Asian trading session. It was developed by a prominent trader and educator, Michael Huddleston, also known as Inner Circle Trader (ICT).

The indicator’s main objective is to identify the range within which price movements occur during the Asian trading hours, providing traders with crucial insights into potential trading opportunities.

ICT Asian Range Indicator MT4

The indicator differs from traditional Forex indicators in its focus on a specific trading session. By isolating the Asian session, traders can gain valuable information about market behavior during this time, leading to better trade management and decision-making.

ICT Asian Range Indicator

How the ICT Asian Range Indicator Use:

The ICT Asian Range Indicator calculates the high and low price levels during two horizontal lines on the forex chart to represent this range.

These lines act as support and resistance levels, aiding traders in identifying potential breakout points or areas of consolidation. The Asian session‘s characteristics often set the tone for subsequent trading sessions, making it a critical period for traders to analyze carefully.

How do you use Asian session range indicator?

  1. Breakout Trading: When the price breaks above the Asian range’s high or below the low, it may signal a potential breakout. Traders can plan their trades accordingly, taking advantage of the market momentum.
  2. Range-bound Trading: If the price remains within the Asian range, it indicates consolidation. Traders may opt to use this information to implement range-bound trading strategies until a clear breakout occurs.

How the ICT Asian Range Indicator Use

Advantages and Limitations of the ICT Asian Range Indicator:


Focused Analysis: The indicator narrows the focus to the Asian trading session, enabling traders to make more precise and informed decisions.

Confirmation Tool: It acts as a confirmation tool for potential breakouts or range-bound trading strategies.

Simplicity: The indicator’s straightforward concept makes it accessible to both novice and experienced traders.


1. Time Zone Sensitivity: Traders in different time zones may experience varying Asian sessions, leading to potential discrepancies in the indicator’s results.

2. Whipsaw Conditions: During low liquidity or news-driven events, the indicator’s signals may lead to false breakouts.

Tips for Using the ICT Asian Range:

  1. Combine with Other Indicators: Utilize the “ICT Asian Range Indicator” in conjunction with other technical indicators or price action analysis for comprehensive trade setups.
  2. Backtesting: Test the indicator’s efficacy Better Volume on historical data before implementing it in live trading to understand its strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Risk Management: Employ proper risk management techniques to safeguard your trading capital from adverse market movements.

Buy Sell Signals ICT ASIAN Range Indicator

Buy Sell Signals ICT ASIAN Range Indicator

The ICT Asian Range Indicator understanding the Asian trading session’s dynamics and implementing the indicator effectively, traders can gain valuable insights Buy Sell into potential trading opportunities and improve their overall trading performance.

However, like any tool, the ICT Asian Range Indicator should be used in combination with other analysis methods and risk management strategies. Continuous learning, practice, and discipline will be key to harnessing the full potential of this powerful forex trading indicator.