Marubozu Candlestick Pattern Indicator for MT4

Marubozu Candlestick Pattern Indicator At the very start of the topic we are going to discuss about this pattern that what is it and how it candlestick pattern works, so without wasting time let’s start the process of article.

As you inkwell that every indicator has some candlestick patterns which are good for it because it helps to define the whole process of this indicator. Marubozu is a word which means bald head or shaved head same like a person shaved his head. And this relate to the shadow which is shown in the absence of wick.

What is the Marubozu Candlestick Pattern?

This basically relate to the Candlestick which is meaning that it is belonging to the process of opening or any other closing price that is same or maximum related to the price of Candlestick.

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The whole process of absence of shadow make sure that this indicator is going on the trading session bars which is opening the price at the high rate and close it as the same price every end of the day which is good at a time. This Marubozucandlestick pattern has a profitable analytical system which is good for future direction to show a stock of price in this case.

After it the process of identification start in this marubozu candlestick pattern which is also create a balance in it.

How to identify the Marubozu candlestick pattern?

This is very easy part of this and fairly use when the system of marubozu pattern comes to an identification part.

Because this is a single candlestick which is real and has body without any shadow to show all this part. But when bullish and bearish part comes to an white or green stock lights at that time bearish are going to red or in black color.

This is working like this by changing the lights. In the whole system of this marubozu bearish and opening part the price range becomes not change and left on the equal side to show high and low price level positions which is equal to low part on the chart at the end of this process.

Bearish Marubozu Candlestick Pattern

Marubozu Candlestick Pattern

On the other hand in bullish marubozu the range of price looks equal but in it the price range goes high on the top and at the end also the same at the high range.

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This has some identification marks which are based on a large real body and also have some part in which this has no shadow at the both sided of the candlestick. But the color of this candlestick has a meaningful and significant side which are seen in actual market conditions.

In every market it has some significant level to shows a actual price range of market and in it perfect marubozu is difficult to fine but not impossible. This indicator has some percentage which is start with 0.01 to show candlestick range and also open it with the high and low price range which is identifying this indicator.