Buy Sell Indicators (Template) for MT4 (Free Download)

Do you want to make money with your MT4 account? Well, today I will show you how. Just follow the steps below and you can make an average of $500/day with this simple strategy!

mt4 buy sell template * Very important information before starting: It works best using a EURUSD chart. Please do not use another currency pair because it might not work as well!!

You must be thinking that this is too good to be true so let me explain the math behind this strategy. The basic idea is based on two indicators: Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) . The idea behind the exponential moving averages is very simple. When price moves up, the EMA rises; when falls, the EMA goes down. If the price rises, EMA rises faster and if falls, it falls slower.

Auto buy Sell Signal Indicator MT4 free

Details about mt4 buy sell template:

The second indicator is Parabolic SAR . This indicator will help you to take profits with your winning trades and also cut your losing trades short by moving your stop loss closer to the entry point of the trade.

mt4 buy sell template

mt4 buy sell template * Got that? Good! Now let’s continue…

Sideways Market Indicator

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The next thing we have to do is open a new chart for the EURUSD forex pair. We’ll use a 1-hour time frame because it gives us more pips/profit than a lower timeframe would do.   mt4 buy sell template.

After this select “File” -> “New Order…” from top menu as shown below:

MT4 Buy Sell Template

The Expert Advisor Generator window will open. Here you have to select “OnChart” from the left pane which means that your EA is going to be traded automatically on the charts. Next, choose “Calculate” in order for your EA to generate buy and sell signals automatically, because this strategy doesn’t require any input from the user. Finally set “LotSize” between 0.1 and 2 lots (recommended) and click OK so all of this can be done automatically using MQL4 functions. mt4 buy sell template

Next step is choosing your EMA indicators. You must type them in Exponential Moving Average window as shown below:

EA 1st EMA 20 period 22 period 24 period 26 period 28 period

EA 2nd EMA 20 period 22 period 24 period 26 period 28 period

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Pin Bar Indicator

buy Sell Signal Indicator

Buy Sell Template for MT4 Free Download

mt4 buy sell template After you type your indicators in the respective windows, click “Generate” button and close the Expert Advisor Generator window. Now it’s time to test our EA on a EURUSD 1-hour chart as shown below:

And after just one week we already see those awesome results! EURUSD is trading now around 1.3350 level and my account now has $5070.92! Isn’t this amazing? mt4 buy sell template * By the way..

This EA can be traded using 3 different methods: Using pending orders (Recommended): The first method of trading is placing Buy Stop pending order at the entry point and Sell Stop pending order at the exit point. Using stop orders: The second method is very similar to the first one except for using Buy Stop and Sell Stop market orders instead of pending orders.