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Today, we will talk about the Position Size Ea For Metatrader 4 indicator.In this article we will discuss the important of the position size ea for metatrader 4 Indicator and what is the calculation of the positiin size ea utilizing MQL4 language in Metatrader 4 .I hope, this information is very useful for you. So, let’s start the topic.

Forex Position size Ea Auto Stop loss or Take profit

  1. The first characteristics is that, operate accompanied by whichever trading tools such as money sets, CFDs, equities, indices, commodities, futures, crypto currencies.
  2. The second characteristics is that, Computation inputs and results are shows inner side of a visual panel.
  3. The third characteristics is that, The panel may be proceeded willingly every where on the graph.
  4. The fourth characteristics is that, You may uncomfortably close or decrease it.
  5. The fifth characteristics is that, Each and every calculation framework may be modified inner side of the panel in just 1 or 2 clicking.
  6. The second last characteristics is that Entrance, end loss, and take profit bars may be draw straightaway on the graph.
  7. The last characteristics is that you may select to put stop-loss as the space in position.

mt4 position size ea indicator

Input Framework Of The Position Size ea

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Input parameters permits you to modify definite settings whenever a specialist counsellor is connect to the graph. Those are locate inside the “Inputs” tab whenever you fix your EA.

Calculation Of The Position Size Ea For Metatrader 4

Whenever you have determined your another variables in MQL4 code after that you may incorporate the code to compute how much lots you would probability in accordance with $10,000 in account status.

Dual MM_Size() //Calculate position size dual lots = ((AccountStatus() / 10000)*LotsPer10K); //compute the lot size in accordance with how much lots input per 10K in “LotsPer10K”

on condition that (lots > MaxLot) lots = MaxLot;  // on condition that larger than max set it to the maxlot size.

Calculation Of The Position Size


To crack this towards the lower position, we put a variable which is known as “MM_Size” that would be utilized whenever we transmit our authorization at tardily. The calculation is quite easy. It breaks the account balance by 10000 and after this magnify that by the value of the “LotsPer10K” input framework.

Position Size Calculator Indicator

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Now, it computes on condition that the lot size is larger than the value of set in the “MaxLot” input framework. On condition that , it easily build the lot size equivalent to “MaxLot”.

Many Professional traders have been using Position Size Ea for Metatrader 4 for a long time.It is a quite popular in the forex market that’s why many professional traders highly recommend for the use of the position size Ea for (MT4 )the reason is that position size Ea is a very useful for professional traders and also useful for new comers because new comers can easily understand how to utlize this system or strategy.