Sunday , September 24 2023

Tradable vs Non-Tradable Order Blocks (PDF)

What is the Order Block

There are two types of order blocks: There is a good chance that you have encountered one of these in your work. They are often used for selling, for example. However, there are also other types of order blocks that you might not be familiar Trading Psychology with. It is important …

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Darvas Box Theory Indicator MT4 & PDF


It is a trading technique which is utilized to pick stocks with valuing and volume as indicator Introduction Darvas box theory is a trading strategy which is created without help from anyone else worth financial backer Nicolas Darvas that pick stocks by control highs and key indicators .It forms the …

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Best Alligator Indicator Settings for MT4

Alligator indicator MT4

The Alligator indicator is a great indicator for day traders because it can help you make sense of the market noise and identify potential trading opportunities. How to Use the Alligator Indicator in Forex Trading However, like any other Trading Session indicator  it is only as good as its settings. …

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How to Draw Harmonic Patterns on MT4/MT5


Harmonic pattern are a kind of compound pattern that take place clearly in economic graphs build on structual price movement and Fibonacci levels . This harmonic pattern is one of the most dominant pattern and very suitable for trading. These harmonic patterns are very simple and uncomplicated patterns .These  methods …

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