EMA 12 And EMA 26 Trading Strategy for MT4/MT5

Essential Moving Average

In this article, we will talk about the Exponential Moving Average 12 and 26 forex trading strategy. I hope ,this information will be quite beneficial for each and every traders.First of all, i will give you a short introduction about Exponential Moving Average and its formula because we should have …

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Non Lag Arrow Indicator for MT4

Zero Lag MACD Alerts Arrows V2 Renko

One of these features is the non-lag arrow indicator. This indicator is designed to help traders identify patterns and trends in the market, and it is often used to spot buy and sell signals. The non-lag arrow indicator is a graphical tool that displays Buy Sell Arrow Signals indicator the direction …

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What Is the QQE Indicator MT4?

What Is the QQE Indicator

The QQE Indicator is a technical analysis tool that is used to measure the strength of a trend. It is a momentum indicator that is calculated by taking the difference between two moving averages. The QQE is a lagging indicator, which means that it is based on past price action. …

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ICT Asian Range Indicator for MT4

Buy Sell Signals ICT ASIAN Range Indicator

The ICT Asian Range Indicator designed to measure and represent market volatility during the Asian trading session. It was developed by a prominent trader and educator, Michael Huddleston, also known as Inner Circle Trader (ICT). The indicator’s main objective is to identify the range within which price movements occur during …

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Heiken Ashi Indicator for MT4 and MT5

Heiken Ashi Smoothed Alert Indicator

Heiken Ashi indicator MT4 is an indicator that has a unique approach to identify potentially overbought or oversold market conditions. The indicator looks for patterns that can be found in daily, weekly and monthly price charts. What is Heiken Ashi indicator MT4? Heiken Ashi indicator MT4 is a technical analysis …

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Absolute Strength Histogram for MT4

Absolute Strength Histogram Indicator

When you are first getting started in the world of Forex trading, there are a lot of things that can seem over whelming. One of the most important things that you need to understand is the concept of technical analysis. Technical analysis is the process of using past price data Absolute …

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Forex Rebellion 3.0 Trading System For MT4

Forex Rebellion Trading System

The Forex Rebellion Trading System is a unique software program that can help you to make profits in the forex market. The system provides you with advice on how to trade successfully and reveal hidden secrets of the Forex market so that you can make real money. What Platforms does …

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Price Volume Trend Indicator PDF with Complete Guide

Trend Confirmation Indicator MT4

In this article we will show traders some forex trend indicators that are simple but powerful.  These indicators can be used for daily market analysis, trend analysis of any pair, as well as trade entries. Introduction of the Trend Indicator Our trend based trading system works for 28 currency pairs. …

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