CFDs vs Options Trading: What’s the Difference? 

CFDs vs Options Trading

CFDs and spread betting are two types of “over the counter” derivatives that share some similarities, but in general, they are not interchangeable. For example, you can’t trade CFDs with an IRA account or change your stop loss on a CFD position because you’re unsure whether the price will increase …

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W Pattern Trading Strategy For MT4

W Pattern Trading Strategy

w pattern trading strategy is a very simple, yet effective trading strategy that can be used to trade stocks, commodities, and Forex. The w pattern is formed by two consecutive bullish or bearish candles, with the second candle forming the “W” shape. This pattern can be used to signal a …

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Can MetaTrader 5 Scam You? 2024 Is MT5 Legit

Can MetaTrader 5 Scam You

MetaTrader 5 is a popular trading platform that is used by many traders. However, there is a potential for scammers to use the platform to steal your money. MetaTrader 5 is a powerful trading platform that has a large user base. However, Winning Bollinger Bands like any other software, there is …

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