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The Parabolic sar indicator is a forex trading indicator. The Parabolic SAR is a technical indicator used to determine the direction of an item’s trend.  This is also a stop and opposite system that is known as SAR that is another name for the indicator.

Parabolic sar indicators goal is to spot future price dislocations in trading products’ price movements. It can also be deployed as a point of entry and exit.

Working of the Parabolic sar indicator

In real – time operating system, the parabolic SAR is most helpful. Traders should apply the parabolic SAR to determine the trend’s direction before considering number of high to determine the trend’s strength.

Parabolic Sar Settings for 15 Minute Chart

The parabolic SAR indicator shows as a series of dots when graphically plotted on a chart. If the price looks to be lower than the current price.It must be considered a negative indicator when it is placed above the current price. Stop losses and profit targets are set using the signals.

Parabolic Sar Indicator

The parabolic SAR is often shown in an asset’s chart as a sequence of numbers around in the price bars. When these dots are above the price, it usually indicates a downward trend and is considered as a sell signal.

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When the dots travel below the price, it indicates that the asset’s trend is upward and that it’s time to buy.When the position of the points moves, trade signals are transmitted, which may also result in a profit when the market changes rapidly.

Parabolic Sar and Moving Average Strategy

In a low or rising market, however, the measure is a little less useful. When the value of a security improves, so do the dots. With the trends, the rate speeds up. The parabolic SAR is ideal for profiting from a trend in a steady market by joining the trade during a trend.

When the currency drops horizontally, it may give false indications, and the trader should expect minor losses or profits. Stop loss orders can also be set using the signal. This can be controlled by adjusting the stop loss to match the SAR indicator’s level.

parabolic sar formula

How to calculate the parabolic SAR

The highest and lowest price, as well as the speed value, are used to define where the SAR indicator dot will be displayed in the parabolic SAR. The following is the formula for the parabolic SAR:

Uptrend Parabolic SAR = Prior SAR + Prior AF (Prior EP – Prior SAR)

Downtrend Parabolic SAR = Prior SAR – Prior AF (Prior SAR – Prior EP)

Advantages of theparabolic SAR

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Now we will talk about the some benefits of the parabolic SAR that every trader should know. These benefits are as:

The advantage of implementing a parabolic SAR is that it helps in detecting price action direction. The indicator functions well in such a strong trending situation. When a price recovery is possible, the indicator also sends an exit signal when a move against the trend occurs. This tool works well during markets that are trending and have long rises or losses.