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Pin Bar Detector Indicator With Alert MT4/MT5 Download Free

The Pin bar indicator is a Meta dealer indicator used to recognize the pin bars in the market pattern with the assistance of price action. The pin bar is a candle design that shows up in the forex trading platform. It gives more precise signs for the inversion signals in the indicator outline. It is the best indicator of the swing trading platform. It is the sort of price action indicator that is utilized to distinguish the inversion market patterns in the forex market.

The pin bar indicator can likewise be utilized as help and opposition indicators. It can likewise identify the help and obstruction levels in the market pattern.

It is an extremely little candle lid with an exceptionally huge wick. It very well may be utilized as a bearish and bullish candle since it is made for both of the market patterns. It is an ideal pin bar indicator in the forex trading platform.

Pin Bar Dashboard Indicator

The pin bar is a little body like the bar length that stands half up and half low on the indicator chart. It is likewise used to recognize the most extreme and least focuses on the market patterns and it additionally shows the particular pip in the market pattern.

Pin Bar indicator

This indicator utilizes some particular parameters that help it to make exact trade. These parameters are given beneath: –


Display Distance

This boundary is utilized to distinguish the separation present between the pin bars and the market patterns.

Use Alerts: –

This boundary guarantees the brokers that this indicator is utilizing spring up the sound for any normal change in the forex market.

Use Email Alerts

This boundary empowers the merchants to get email alarms for any adjustment in the forex market.

Count Bars: –

The check bar boundary causes the dealers to include the pin bars present in the forex market at a particular time.

Use Custom Settings

It gives custom changes to the dealers and brokers can change the settings and can utilize the indicator as they need.

pin bar setup indicator

Custom Nose Body Position: –

This boundary encourages the brokers to foresee whether the nose bar is on the upper side of it is on the lower side.

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Price Action Indicator

Doji and Pin Bar Reversal Indicator for MT4

Custom Max Nose Body Size: –

It is the greatest size of the pin bar that is taken into account the nose body and generally, the nose body of this candle is exceptionally low.

Custom Nose Body to Left Eye Body: –

It helps the brokers whether the nose body is at the left eye side

Custom Nose Length to Left Eye Length: –

It helps the brokers whether the nose body is at the left eye side and what the length of the pin bars is?

Custom Nose Protruding: –

It encourages the brokers to think about whether the size of the nose bar and jutting are of equivalent length.

Download Pin Bar Indicator MT4 Free


The pin bar indicator has the accompanying uses. This indicator utilizes constantly outlines, diverse shading systems, explicit pip, and numerous other forex trading platforms. It is the best indicator. This indicator is utilized to identify the pin bars in the forex market.