Best Binary Options PrimeXBT Trading Platform Review

PrimeXBT is a Bitcoin-based, multi-asset, margin trading platform built on decades of traditional market experience, combined with a penchant for providing innovative products and advanced trading tools. The platform also has among the widest variety of instruments and trading pairs – digital and traditional – found anywhere, offering invaluable portfolio diversification opportuni-ties and more ways to profit.

When choosing a trading platform, the instruments and products offered are just the tip of the iceberg, and barely scratching the surface of what makes a platform worth trading on. This re-view will dig deep into the various benefits of the PrimeXBT trading platform to help you decide if it is worth making your first deposit and giving the platform a try.

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Although the innovative platform began focusing on digital currencies, because of the platform’s origins from traditional markets, it now offers a full slate of traditional assets including forex, commodities, and stock indices.

PrimeXBT offers the following instruments and trading pairs:


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • EOS



  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • US dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Japanese Yen
  • British Pound
  • Euro
  • Singapore Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Russian Ruble
  • Turkish Lira
  • Gold
  • Silver



  • Brent Oil
  • WTI Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas

Trading Symbol: BRENT, CRUDE, NAT.GAS

Stock Indices 

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Europe 50
  • Germany 30
  • France 40
  • S&P 500
  • Spain 35
  • Nikkei 225
  • Australia 200

Trading Symbol: DOWJ, EUR50, FRANCE, GER30, SP500, SPAIN, NASDAQ, HK-HSI, AUS200, JAPAN, UK100

Advanced Trading Tools By PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT includes many features you would expect from a platform claiming to have decades of traditional market experience under its belt such as the ability to open long and short positions, even simultaneously, and profit boosting tools like leverage.

The platform offers industry-best leverage of up to 1000x for forex, commodities, and stock indices, and up to 100x on cryptocurrency trading pairs across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and EOS.

To manage risk and maximize profit, the platform offers advanced order types such as stop-loss orders, take profit orders, and OCO orders (one-cancels the other) for fine-tuning trading strategies.

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Built-in charting software is also included, so clients don’t need to exit the platform to perform detailed technical analysis and extensive position planing.

In addition to standard tools like trend lines and support and resistance, there are dozens of technical analysis indicators included such as the MACD, Relative Strength Index, Ichimoku Cloud, Stochastic, Williams Alligator, and many more. Check also Binary option trading indicator

Registration, Privacy, and Security

The registration process is simple and quick and can be completed start to finishing in under a couple minutes or less. The platform doesn’t require a KYC process, providing two key benefits: faster registration, and a high level of privacy.

By not requiring extensive personal information typically necessary as part of a platform’s KYC process, no personal information is never put as risk of exposure, ensuring all client information stays private.

Further protecting clients lies bank-grade security, SSL encryption, cryptographically hashed passwords, Cloudfare to mitigate potential DDoS attacks, address whitelisting, and two-factor..

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Not only do these protections keep clients funds safe and secure, but it also ensures stable and reliable trading performance, with up to 99% runtime claimed.


PrimeXBT is a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform. All deposits are made in Bitcoin, starting with as low as 0.001 BTC.

Bitcoin is used as collateral to open position sizes larger than the starting capital normally allows for, so any deposits can be multiplied by up to 1000x leverage. This not only multiplies the capital used in each position but the profits generated.

Making a deposit is simple, and can be completed by visiting the platform’s Deposit or Account section. Deposits are added to each account after at least two confirmations are made on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Once confirmed, deposited BTC must be moved from a BTC wallet to a trading account. After funding the trading account, clients can then begin to take positions.


Withdrawals are equally easy and can be made by visiting the platform’s Withdrawal page. There, all transactions are recorded, including any pending transactions. Withdrawals are made once a day at a certain time period, and any withdrawals made outside fo this window are set to pending until the next period. During this time, withdrawals may be canceled.

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The platform offers highly competitive trading fees, as low as 0.001%. Fees vary by instrument and include a fee both when the position is opened as well as an overnight financing fee.

PrimeXBT rewards the platform’s most active traders by reducing fees for those with the highest level of trading turnover. A progressive fee discount system lowers fees by up to 25% for those with a trading turnover of 300 BTC to 600 BTC, and up to 50% off fees for traders with over 600 BTC turnover.

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Clients can track their progress towards each level of discount and tweak their trading strategies for higher frequency or size to better take advantage of discounted trading fees.

Referral Program

While a platform’s trading tools and instruments are obviously of the utmost importance when it comes to selecting the correct platform for you, platforms that offer additional revenue streams such as referral programs or CPA offers can be especially valuable. PrimeXBT offers both and then some.

The platform’s standard four-level referral program is anything but standard, helping the platform to grow aggressively through word-of-mouth and viral social marketing.

Not only do any new referrals earn the client a commission on trading fees, but PrimeXBT’s unique referral program lets the initial client earn commissions on any new clients the referral brings in as well, for up to four levels of referrals.

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This allows traders to build extensive referral networks that can generate passive income for the life of the account. PrimeXBT also offers marketing materials and a simple to share referral link to make things even easier and more effective in enticing users to the platform.

Clients can also sign up for a CPA offer or revenue share model, and partners with exceptionally large followings such as influencers, YouTubers, or webmasters can inquire about negotiating exclusive offers that include both a CPA offer and revenue share.

Customer Service

PrimeXBT provides customers with many ways to contact customer service, including a help desk via email or through 24/7 live chat.

Customer service is always available to assist with account-related questions or refer you to the platform’s extensive library of helpful tutorials and trading guides.

Competitive Advantages

In addition to everything mentioned above, there are a handful of exclusive competitive advantages the platform offers that aren’t found elsewhere.

The platform offers a mobile application for on-the-go trading and portfolio management, as well as an innovative Telegram bot for up-to-the-minute position or market information, without the need to ever log into the platform.

PrimeXBT also recently launched its new PrimeXBT Turbo platform, a synthetic Bitcoin contract aimed at simplicity and speed.

Similar to binary options but on steroids, PrimeXBT Turbo lets traders choose from UP or DOWN contracts at one of three different, short durations. Durations include 30-seconds, one-minute, and five-minutes, letting traders stack up profits quickly and effectively.

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The tool does come with risk, however, but Turbo is transparent with any potential profit or risk, so clients know exactly what is at stake before entering a trade. The tool is especially attractive during sideways trending markets, where it becomes difficult to generate profits at a fast pace during slow-moving price action and indecision.

Clients interested in trying out the new tool will receive access to a demo account with 1 BTC to trade with at no financial risk whatsoever. And the platform is always adding new tools, new trading instruments, and more ways to profit.


PrimeXBT is among the more well-rounded trading platforms in the market. While most platforms will focus on a key area, such a crypto or forex only, PrimeXBT features a large range of instruments for the most possible opportunities for profit and a chance for traders to diversify their portfolio and try their hands at a variety of markets.

The combination of simplicity found at every corner combined with professional, advanced trading tools, means the platform is accessible and useful for traders of all experience levels.

Unique, innovative features such as the platform’s lucrative referral program and exciting tools like Turbo make the platform exceptionally interesting in a sea of competition.

Privacy, security, customer service, and lack of KYC process round out the platform’s benefits.