Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator for MT4

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator is MT4 indicator designed to identify and highlight harmonic Chart patterns in the world of Forex trading.

These harmonic patterns indicator are based on Fibonacci numbers and form distinctive geometrical shapes within price action, offering valuable insights for traders.

It not only identifies these Candle patterns but also provides crucial information about entry and exit zones

The indicator recognizes a variety of harmonic patterns MT4, including Gartley, Bat, Crab, Shark, Butterfly, and more.

What is the Best Shepherd Harmonic Pattern V4?

Key Features:

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator

  1. Pattern Recognition: The Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator excels in pattern recognition. It identifies harmonic patterns and specifies Draw Harmonic Patterns their names, making it easier for traders to spot these setups.
  2. Comprehensive Dashboard: At the top of the chart, the indicator displays essential trading information, including pip value, lot size, spread, price action, and divergence. Additionally, it presents a user-friendly dashboard that highlights the types of harmonic patterns present on the chart.

This indicator is highly versatile, working effectively on all time frames.

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator BUY SELL Signals

Traders can effortlessly switch between time frames using the indicator’s dashboard, ensuring adaptability to various trading styles.

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator BUY/SELL Signals:

In the example provided on the EUR/USD Daily chart, the Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator offers guidance on BUY and SELL signals.

Best Shepherd Harmonic Pattern

Traders simply need to follow the MT4 indicator’s Harmonic Patterns Volume instructions. For instance, in the chart mentioned above, the indicator identifies the Bat pattern Indicator and highlights the entry zone.

Traders can consider entering a long position and exit when the indicator forms a highlighted bar at the top.

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator Settings

The indicator alerts traders to inside, outside, and Pin bar patterns, which often indicate potential pullbacks. This information allows traders to make informed decisions about exiting their positions.

Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator Settings

Send_Alert Live Signals: If set to false, the indicator MT4 if you not want Alert system.

Send_Notification MQL4: If set to false or true the indicator your wish you can change any time.

Send_Email: If set to True or false, the indicator Show you email.

Sensor: If set to False or true, the indicator MT4.

Risk_Percent: The default value is 1.0 Risk percentage.

How do you identify Harmonics Pattern (PDF)?

The Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator streamlines the trading process, providing clear instructions for traders to follow.

While it can be used effectively as a standalone tool, Patterns Cheat Sheet traders may also incorporate it alongside other indicators.

How do you identify Harmonics Pattern

The Shepherd Harmonic Patterns Indicator for traders seeking to identify harmonic patterns on their charts and pinpoint precise entry and exit points.

With this indicator at your disposal, navigating the forex market becomes more intuitive, and traders can seize opportunities with confidence.

Best of all, this Harmonic Pattern indicator is available for free download on our website, ensuring accessibility to all traders.