Non Repaint Auto SNR Indicators for MT4 and MT5

The Non Repaint snr indicator is planted on daily , weekly and monthly candles It is a metatrader 4 ( mt4 ) indicator and also a aspect of foreign exchange trading system .

It is of a great use for every trader but it is exclusively more useful for the beginner trader whose are not as skillfull yet .

SNR indicator exhibits assistance and resistance Harmonic Pattern stages that are leaning on the recent timescales which are situated on the daily weekly and monthly candles .

these levels Non repaint indicator are usually very firm and have a great respect by the market and it can also lead to many great favorable circumstances of good trading .

What is SNR in Trading Indicator MT4


The canle SNR indicator for mt4 utilizes the earlier candles of days ,week or  month to display you some firm and resistance level. This snr metatrader 4 indicator grant you a chance to disclose numerous distinctiveness and pattern in price gestures which can be seen through bald eyes.

Through this snr indicator traders can also consider further price motions and can accommodate their planning ,respectively.

SNR Indicators

It is a superb foreign exchange trading system especially for those traders who are new in this trading system because this trading system provide them great opportunities. This snr mt4 is a very easy and simple trading system.

Reversal Indicator MT5

heory Indicator MT4

Moving Average Indicator

It is a standard trading strategy which you can utilize to achieve profits from foreign exchange market everyday and you don’t have to be a professional trader to be capable to use it .

in fact , even if you are not a professional trader Non repaint strategy at all you would still make a lot of money from it just as same as the pro traders and there is no need to calculate and inspect foreign exchange market repeatedly because this trend will do all of that for you.

SNR Level indicator MT5

See , its a very useful indicator for the old as well as the newcomer traders.


Buy trade

  • White square boxes will show on    support level
  • When candle reach the resistance level , close the trade

Sell trade

  1. White square boxes will show on resistance level
  2. When candle reach the support level , close the trade .
  3. When snr testing 3 and more times then don’t take trade on those signals
  4. On small time scales you can do scalping trade and can do trading throughout the day on big time scales.

SNR Zone indicator MT4

SNR Zone indicator MT4


  • The main feature of this indicator is that it creates buy/sell signals which are simple to pursue
  • It precipitately sketches support and resistance level
  • It produces buy/sell signals when price deflate or blow up from the support and resistance level
  • If you follow the rules you will have high exact signals up to 99%
  • It works for all kinds of time scales and currency duos
  • Any pairs can be added to the dashboard
  • It will not massive for your  computer.
  • There are individual colour levels which is based on their reaction

SNR Indicators for MT4 Download free

Green : this colour is just for support

Red : this colour is just for resistance

Blue : this colour is perhaps for both

  • To avoid stoppage on chart it combines the nearby levels
  • It has the ability to highlight even stronger combine levels Non repaint indicator