TMA MACD Indicator For MT4 (Top MT5 Indicators)

I know this is a widely known indicator but I did some work on it and managed to improve its performance. Also here are the results of my work. This indicator works great in combination with volatility based strategies. The indicator can be used as a stand alone strategy or as a filter for your existing strategy/strategies that you already have. It also has triple smoothing which gives it a very robust edge over other similar indicators. Precise values below:

TMA Smoothed MACD

TMA Triple Smoothed MACD

As you can see from the table above TMA Triple Smoothed MACD is better then the original TMA smoothed. Both are however still slightly in loss. For backtesting purposes I use ES Futures with 5 min bars. I have tested it on 6/7 instruments and all of them Macd Divergence Indicator give similar results.

TMA MACD Indicator

The tma macd indicator is a momentum based system Order Flow Trading Strategy that helps to identify the direction of the market. It is an indicator with two lines which are used to measure the strength and weakness of the market, respectively.

The first line is called “tma” which represents strength while second one is for measuring weakness and it goes by name “macd”. These indicators help in identifying trend reversal points as well as entry or exit signals in any trading session. This article will provide you more information about this system and how you can use them for your own benefit to make money through forex trading.

TMA MACD non repaint Indicator

The tma macd indicator measures both bullishness and bearishness of a currency pair at same time, unlike other.

The tma macd indicator is one of the more popular technical indicators used by traders. It is a combination of three moving averages that are based on exponential moving averages (ema). The first line, or trigger line, is calculated by taking the fast ema Technical Indicator and subtracting it from the slow ema. The second line, which acts as support when prices are falling and resistance when they are rising, is created by averaging together the fast and slow emas.

The third line uses all three lines to create a histogram that measures bullish/bearish momentum in real time. This article will give you everything you need to know about this powerful trading tool including how to use it effectively.

TMA Smoothed MACD

The TMA Macd indicator can be an extremely

The tma macd indicator is a popular trading tool with traders Ichimoku Indicator that use the technical analysis method. The tma macd indicator allows you to identify whether or not there will be an upward or downward trend in the market, and it also helps you find areas of support and resistance for your trades. This article will explain how to install this indicator on your charting platform, as well as some basic information about using it.

Tested instruments:

USD/CAD 4/23-5/15, 2010 – Loss 0.72%

EUR/GBP 4/18-5/12, 2010 – Loss 2.64%

EUR/JPY 4/4-4/22, 2010 – Loss 3.61%

AUD/NZD 4/?-?/?, ?? – Profit 8.82%

USDTRY 6/?-6/?, ?/? – Profit 0.57%

USD/CAD 6/?-6/?, ?/? – Loss 4.06%