Trend Magic Indicator Strategy MT4

Trend magic indicator is a collection of commodity channel index(CCI) and Average true range ( ATR) .And that is how it allotment the trend momentous and point out the feasible market arrival range throughout the trend. This indicator set off with all kinds of currency duo all over the market and it also competent with each and every kind of time frame graph at meta trader trading software. With this magic trend we can analyze trend without postponement and with good veracity.

Because of its undemanding signal review, interloper will have a huge extend of benefits those who love to trend pursue the trend.

It is one of the most effectual and very outstanding foreign trend amongst more trend following

hi-tech indicators Even though it is abundantly moreover expeditious,accurate and reliable then the other quintessential trend following indicators.The indications computation depends on the differ mean fact-based ,ongoing merit management and a little complex reason.

Highgig Magic Trend System


Discover latest arrival in the trend direction

Enhance the efficiency of other indicator when utilized with co-occurance.

It can also use as influential backing and resistance height.

trend magic indicator strategy


The trend magic indicator changes its colour to sustain the path of the trend.

The trend magic indicator turns into blue when market price is getting  above its level approves the procure time along with the optimistic trend.

The trend magic indicator turns into red when market price is getting below its level indicate the sell appearance with reasonable pessimistic propel in backdrop.

As because of this uncomplicated and understandable exhibit of trade signals it is very much acceptable and affortless to all intruder foreign traders

Trend Indicator

Non Repaint Swing

Trend Pro Indicator

Trend Magic Indicator Formula


  • Price deal plots a positive pointer bar.
  • Price bar cease overhead then the amount of trend magic indicator.
  • The magic trend indicator changes its colour into blue.
  • Place cease mislaying under the depressed of various indication girder or the quantity of trend magic indicator.
  • Shut all buy sequence ,if optimistic trend is in progress ,the line of the trend magic indicator changes into red.

Highgig Magic Trend System


  1. Pricing process plots a depressed symbol bar
  2. If the price bar is under then the amount of trend magic indicator. The magic trend indicator changes its color in red.
  3. Place cease mislaying  overhead then the elevated of various indication girder or more advanced then the amount of magic trend indicator.
  4. Shut all sell sequence,if pessimistic trend is in progress, the line of the magic trend indicator  change into blue.

Download Trend Magic Indicator Strategy MT4

Trend magic indicator is best for any kind of market inclusive stock,index ,commodity,ETF,etc which are most flowing and customarily trending .Trend magic indicator is also exceptional for any sort of dealing pattern you preffered aligning from daytime ,sway and positional trading.

For over valued market where trading percentage is flat and the market is undervalued .Trend magic indicator proffer repeating incorrect indication .


Trend magic indicator is not a long-established trend so we won’t find it anywhere except Amibroker trading  software because trend magic indicator is its convention code so it can just avail via Amibroker trading software.But a good news is that we can use Amibroker trading software at liberty of cost for 30 days.