6 Best Powerful Forex Strategy For Consistent Profits (2024)

Different strategies are used in the forex market for better and perfect trade and these strategies help the traders to identify different consistent profits in the forex market. If you want to achieve consistent profits then a good trading strategy is very important in the forex market and today, we are going to discuss the best forex strategy for consistent profits. We are going to discuss the Bollinger band trading strategy. It is a very important and profitable trading strategy for better trade in the forex market.

BOLLINGER BAND TRADING STRATEGY:-                           

The Bollinger band trading technique is a forex trading framework system used to distinguish the section and leave focuses on the market pattern.

It is a specialized technique created by John Bollinger in 1980. It is likewise used to identify the drifting lines in the market, it identifies whether the market is in a bullish pattern or bearish pattern. Generally, it is utilized to distinguish the overbought and the oversold in the market pattern.

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It utilizes the upper band, lower band, and the center band for its exact estimation. It likewise has 2 standard deviations.

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The Bollinger band indicator utilizes three distinct groups to gauge the value changes, unpredictability, and drifting lines. It utilizes period and standard deviation boundaries. In the default setting the period for this indicator is 20 and 2 standard deviations, you can likewise change this blend from 20/2 to 40/6, and so forth this trading technique has an alternate sort of procedure that makes it novel from different ones.

It likewise utilizes an SMA (straightforward moving normal) indicator as a community. It additionally utilizes two explicit boundaries that make it one of a kind from the other indicatorThe systems are given beneath: –

  1. Double bottoms
  2. Reversal methodology
  3. Bands Riding
  4. Bollinger + MACD
  5. Gimmee bar
  6. Breakout with Bollinger groups

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It is a Bollinger band methodology utilized in the Bollinger group’s indicator. It is utilized to distinguish the example and is used to recognize clear value activity designs. The top and twofold bottoms are likewise used to recognize the volumes in the market pattern. It is a trading design the forex market used to distinguish the energy and the pattern changes.

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Generally, the twofold base system is utilized to identify the descending and upward weight of the market pattern. It makes a programmed rally in the indicator diagram. It is likewise used to identify value activity in the market pattern. In the indicator diagram, it makes a shape like Wand M letters.


The reversal system is utilized in general indicators to recognize the reversals in the harmonic pattern lines and the value activities. This technique changes the speculation execution. The entire trade relies on the reversal system of the Forex market.

At whatever point the value begins to move above or beneath the Bollinger groups in the indicator outline reversal procedure is utilized, and reversals show up around then on the indicator graph. Reversals are the abrupt changes or developments of the value patterns. It is the best technique that is utilized in this indicator or trading framework. Traders can acquire benefits from reversal systems.

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This methodology is extremely useful in the Bollinger band’s trading system. The designer of this system tells that the purchase and sell methodologies rely upon the cost after some time. Numerous traders are utilizing an old and non-productive methodology to purchase and sell rates.

If the cost is expanding, at that point, you need to purchase and when the cost is diminishing you need to put sell system, you don’t need to hold up until the value contacts the upper band and lower band, and afterward, you can put the purchase and sell techniques.

This is called group riding. They make purchases and sell in the trade when the drifting line contacts the upper and the lower groups in the Bollinger band that isn’t beneficial.

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It is likewise a supportive system in the Bollinger trading techniques that encourages traders to distinguish the moving midpoints inside the Bollinger groups (upper band, lower band, and the center band). It is the best pattern following indicators.

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This blend is additionally used to distinguish the intermingling and the difference in the market pattern. Just, both of these indicators are utilized for likely breakouts indicator in the Forex market. In this procedure, traders utilized the MACD indicator as a community instrument in the market pattern. Both these indicator cooperates to recognize the instability and the energy in the indicator diagram.

Gimmee Bar                         

It is a trading technique the Forex market used to identify the reversals that show up in the market pattern.

This methodology causes the traders to get precise examples of purchase and sell procedures. Generally, it is utilized to identify the reversals that show up in the market pattern and take unexpected changes in the value developments.

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This idea is given by Joe Ross. Generally, this methodology is utilized for the transient traders since it shows unexpected and quick-moving reversals in the market pattern. It is utilized to recognize the top and base reversal changes in the market pattern.

Breakout with Bollinger Bands

This methodology is additionally used to distinguish the help and obstruction levels in the market pattern. This system encourages traders to make exact and beneficial trade with the assistance of help and obstruction levels. This framework likewise utilizes systems for breakouts. In this technique generally, persistent and halted reversal is distinguished

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There are various employments of this methodology which helps the brokers in a gainful trade. This system is accessible for all the traders and it is additional material for transient trade and long haul trade.

It is additionally used to distinguish the specific purchase and sell signals in the market pattern. It utilizes an alternate technique that enables the traders in exact estimations of the instability, to value activity, market patterns, reversals, and backing and obstruction levels.