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Bull Flag Price Action Trading Strategy Guide (2022)

When a stock is in a strong uptrend, a bull flag pattern was observed on the chart. It’s called a flag pattern because it looks like a flag on a pole on a chart, and it’s considered a bullish flag when we’re in an uptrend.Market value has provided a great move up on high terms of gross national product,

trying to form the ladder Stock joins near the top of the pole on lighter volume, forming the flag. On strong relative volume, the stock breaks out of a consolidation pattern to continue the move.

Bull Flag Indicator MT4

Bull Flags are a type of momentum trading method that may be used to any time period. On the 2 and 5 minutes, we enjoy trading bull flags.

Bull Flag Indicator MT4

This is a price action forming for the trading pullbacks. This can be found on every important chart patterns. Above all the Bull flag trading action can be included with in a static pattern inthe trading concept or trading idea.

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There are a lot of online examples on the internet of the Bull flag trading action. The traders can seek knowledge aboutthis Bull flag trading action from the internet. This is a very helpful thing. There are various pullbacks with the various legs. And on the other hand, there are also few price bars available.

Bull flag trading is a straightforward process. Finding this pattern in Realtime is the most difficult aspect of trading it, but our scanners that stream every day for Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro students make it easier. So, if you’re looking for trading examples to understand more about bull flags, you could be confused.

Bull Pennant vs Bull Flag

Thankfully, labels aren’t necessary. As you acquire expertise, you’ll realize that there’s no need to be picky about the shape and name of a chart design. Bull flags, on the other hand, tend to attach to three principles:

There must be a bull trend in place. It is feasible to construct a believable diagram. The bull flag does not reverse far enough to call the bullish market structure into question. I’ve created a set of guidelines based on these principles for finding bull flags in a consistent fashion.

Bull Pennant vs Bull Flag

Identifying guidelines for Bull Flag

  • The rules for bull flags in this guide are more detailed than those in this chart patterns guide, which is more general.
  • The market must be above the 20-period exponential moving average to qualify as an ideal bull flag (EMA).
  • On its way down, the pullback must create at least one high swing.
  • A bar high that is below the 20-period EMA should be avoided.
  • We are more interested with the following factors than with the actual form of the flag: Strength of the trend Possibility of pinpointing a breakout point Degree of the retreat shallow or deep.

Trading guidelines

To get started, follow these rules: Buy when a candlestick closes above the counter-trendline. This is how we know whether a bull flag breakout has occurred.Adjust the line to allow the break if a bar breaks above the counter-trendline but closes below it as the decline continues. Place a defensive stop order immediately below the nearest swing low. The line will grow shallower.

Flag Chart Pattern Day Trading

Before the bull flag, use the push to project a target. The projection might begin at the base of the flag or at the breakout point.While they are a perfect way to start, there may be times when you may want to deviate from the rules. However, any variations must be justified. We won’t only look at bull flags that follow our rules for a realistic research.

Flag Chart Pattern Day Trading


  • Our technical bullish bias criteria remained met because the market was above the 20-period EMA.
  • As the market retreated, swing highs developed. We created a counter-trendline to define the peak of the bull flag with this swing high.
  • Our indication to go long was the bullish day closing.
  • Just below the most recent swing bottom, we put a protective sell stop order.
  • I will not, deny the reality that the flag breakout resulted in a bull run.

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Pullbacks that raise doubt on the main indicators trend are protected by the EMA rule. The retreat did, in fact, retrace a huge part of the bullish push that preceded it. At that moment, the market bias became fuzzy.

  1. The stock is soaring upward on high compared volume, most likely as a result of a news factor.
  2. With a clear retreat pattern, prices settle at or around highs.
  3. When prices break out above the consolidation pattern on high volume, it’s a good time to buy.
  4. Using a stop order below the bottom of the integration pattern is a good idea.
  5. Profit objectives should have a risk-to-reward ratio of at least 2:1. So, if you’re betting 25 cents, your first PT is 50 cents.

How to trade bull flag Price Action Forex Pattern

How to trade bull flag Price Action Forex Pattern

The volume is the most important element to look for in this design. Volume signals big changes and the likelihood of a successful breakout.The second thing to look for is a clearly defined descending trend line that may be used as a breakout point. This will be the flag’s upper portion.


We’ve defined the bull flag pattern broadly in this tutorial. This method is applicable to all non – linear and non-pullbacks.As a result, we made no distinction between traditional chart layouts. Triangles, pennants, rectangles, and other shapes are examples of these formations.

Other sites, on the other hand, may go into further detail regarding these various continuation patterns. Here are some terminologies and subtleties you might find useful.

Mechanical traders like chart patterns with strict criteria so that they can automate their technique. Freelance traders use their past expertise to identify market trends. A mixed approach is what I favor. First, I devise a method for identifying pricing patterns of interest in a methodical manner. Then I do optional pricing analysis by breaking in on the events. This is how we conducted bull flag trading in this guide.