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How to Draw Harmonic Patterns on MT4/MT5

Harmonic pattern are a kind of compound pattern that take place clearly in economic graphs build on structual price movement and Fibonacci levels . This harmonic pattern is one of the most dominant pattern and very suitable for trading. These harmonic patterns are very simple and uncomplicated patterns .These  methods of pattern uses the patterns of fibonacci and their number to compute these connection .


This harmonic patterns are basically tendency repeal patterns that are build on the fibonacci appendix and dissimilarity levels and symmetry complex .

how to draw harmonic patterns

These patterns give traders the possible withdrawal sector , which will assist to jump in swing trades at the edge of depletion . It is a very profitable pattern . If you understand and learn thus pattern then trading will be very for you and very easily  you can also use this pattern in intraday trading as well as swing trading and you can use this harmonic pattern to find out about the upcoming  instant if market.

Shark Harmonic Pattern

Harmonic Pattern PDF

Harmonic Pattern Cheat Sheet

These harmonic pattern are best and very interesting patterns and if you are trading with these patterns so you should definitely have the knowledge about these patterns . These harmonic pattern are used to forecast about the coming actions


  • This bat harmonic pattern is little familiar to the gartley pattern is a dissimilar and persist pattern that occurs when a tendency perpetually converts ots location but after it preputial on its its actual series .
  • This harmonic bat pattern is a row back pattern .
  • It observes particular fibonacci proportion.


Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis PDF

This harmonic bat pattern tells the traders how to trade with the bat pattern and how to get earning with this bat harmonic pattern . As same adms the other pattern harmonic bat pattern also have bullish and bearish sort of harmonic pattern


The butterfly harmonic pattern is as swerve pattern which is normally seen at the last of the tendency movement . This butterfly harmonix pattern consist of five points X,A,B,C & D and this butterfly harmonic pattern was originated by  BRICE GILMORE. The butterfly harmonic contains two forms bullish and bearish.

Harmonic Scalping Indicator

Harmonic Pattern finder

UPBEAT BUTTERFLY PATTERN : Upbeat butterfly notifies when the traders purchase
DOWNBEAT BUTTERFLY PATTERN : Downbeat butterfly when the traders sale

How to draw Harmonic Patterns on MT4


Gartley harmonic pattern is a very easy and straightforward harmonic pattern that antedated by a expressive up and down .

This gartley harmonic pattern was originated by HAROLD MCKINLEY GARTLEY. Gartley pattern normally produce when the improvement of thy he whole tendency is establishing . This gartley pattern also contains bullish and bearish forms.

How to draw Harmonic Patterns on MT4

UPBEAT GARTLEY PATTERN : Upbeat pattern  formed like M
DOWNBEAT GARTLEY PATTERN : Downbeat pattern  formed like W


The crab harmonic pattern was originated by Scott carney who calls it the most effectual harmonic pattern which can be used while trading .

It is a swerve pattern which contains four legs named X-A , A-B , B-C , C-D . One of the most important betterment of crab pattern is that these patterns  permits you to have great break of misplacement .

This crab harmonic pattern also permits tou to take step in the market at great up and down

Harmonic Patterns cheat sheet PDF


The cypher harmonic pattern consist of five point of contact , four surge along with the legs . The point of contact illustrates swerve levels while its legs underline a price movement

UPBEAT CYPHER PATTERN: Upbeat cypher pattern notifies when the traders purchase
DOWNBEAT CYPHER PATTERN : Downbeat cypher pattern notifies when the traders sale .